LAunch of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Cell

The launch of Atmanirbhar Bharat Cell campaign was started in Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, by AISECTGroup and AIC-RNTU. This campaign will connect the students and the common people with the scheme of self-reliant India and provide them the necessary support to become self-reliant. Following were the agenda 1) To create a sense of pride and respect for India and Indianness among the students and general public. 2) Establish and upgrade potential small and cottage industries. 3) To promote local education in accordance with the new education policy and to start related courses for industries.

Date and Venue:01-10-2020 - AICRNTU Foundation, Rabindranath Tagore University Campus

Key Speaker: Hon'ble Chancellor Santosh Choubey, RNTU, MR. Arun Bhatt- Retired Commissioner, Industries Department , Mr. Siddharth Chaturvedi, Director Aisect Group , Mr. Brahprakash Sehia, Vice Chancellor -RNTU , Mr. Vijay Singh - Registrar, RNTU , Mr. Nitin Vats-Director AIC-RNTU Foundation , Mr. Ajay Choubey - Adviso

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation