Training Session on "Building Robust Financial Model"

The session was taken by Mr. Darshan Rathod, Co-Founder, Acumen M&A Advisors LLP on the topic of "Building Robust Financial Model" as part of Discover Cohort- 2022. The session was held on two days:
DAY 1: The first day of the session started with Purpose of business model, then Mr. Darshan discussed about basics which need to be kept in mind while preparing business financial model i.e. Income statement, balance sheet, Cash flow statement, liabilities, assets. The session was concluded with Q and A and an assignment by Mr. Darshan.
DAY 2: On the Second day, Mr. Darshan discussed the queries startups faced while preparing a financial model as an assignment.

Date and Venue:  2022-09-23   -  Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: AIC-RNTU Foundation's Discover Cohort 2022 focused on Building the Financial model & Various financial statements this week.

Key Speaker: Mr. Darshan Rathod, Co-Founder, Acumen M&A Advisors LLP.

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation