The Two Day Bootcamp was organized by AIC-RNTU Foundation, sponsored by MP Startup Center with the aim to spread awareness about entrepreneurship, its important aspects and promote it as a career option amongst students with a series of Sessions / Workshop and group-based activities.
Day 1:
Day 1 of bootcamp was inaugurated by Dr. Pragyesh Agrawal , Director IEHE Mr.Ronald Fernandez in the presence AIC-RNTU team, Udgam Centre Nodal Officers, and students. The Bootcamp started with speakers introduction and briefing.Dr. Pragyesh Agrawal in his address motivated student to learn from the Bootcamp, ideate and woork on their ventures. He also threw ligh on Unicorn and Coacroach Startups. Then, Mr. Ronald Fernandez in his address briefly talked about the evolving ecosystem, support and various initiatives in place to promote budding entrepreneurs. He also men-tioned the agenda of the Bootcamp is to instill entrepreneurial mindset in present everyone in the boortcamp. After this, the bootcamp continued with the sessions.
SESSION 1- Institutional & non-institutional support system to startups -Incubators and Accelerators by Mr. Ronald Fernandez, CEO, AIC-RNTU Foundation
Mr. Ronald talked about the startup ecosystem, incubation and entrepreneurship. He also talked about the progress the ecosystem has made in the last few years. Mr. Ronald shared his experiences as an entrepreneur and shared hope incubators are supporting startups to grow.
SESSION 2- Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship by Mr. Jitendra Rajaram, Corporate Trainer
Mr. Jitendra, in his session, highlighted the fundamental skills of entrepreneurs, E-Cell & Incubation. Adding to that, he talked about Startup & Business and zeal of entrepreneur- ship.
SESSION 3 - How to identify and define a problem state- ment or a startup idea by Mr. Jitendra Rajaram, Corporate Trainer
Mr. Jitendra talked about observing & identifying the problems around which are being faced by a sizeable number of people and the solution to which might be scalable and can be commercialized. Thereby providing the opportunity to the entrepreneur to build a business model around it.
Activity- Idea Generation
The activity started with the HSGL Test and the students were distributed into teams based on the results of their HSGL test score. These teams were tasked with developing as many ideas as they can around the four videos shown.
SESSION 4 - Idea to MVP and from MVP to commercialization By Ms. Krati Jain, AIC RNTU.
The next step towards starting a venture is to reach a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Ms. Krati talked about the various stages of product evolution and the need to address the issues at each stage. The students were informed about pilot testing the MVP to identify the gaps and iterating & modifying the business model to reach commercialization.
DAY 2:
Session 1- Process to establish a Startup - Types of entities by Mr. Shubham Nema, AIC-RNTU Foundation
Mr. Shubham in his session explained about the various types of entities and the factors to be considered before registering the business. He further briefed the students on what are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of entities. He further emphasized on the benefits of registering a business under MSME and the process to do so. The session concluded with a couple of case studies and Q&A over the same.
SESSION 2- Types of Startup Funding & Startup Valuation Meth- ods by Mr. Ayush Dubey, Venture Catalyst
Mr. Ayush talked about Stages of Funding, Factors to consider while raising funds, right time to raise funds along with the methods to calculate Valuation and its importance in the growth cycle.
SESSION 3- Startup Storytelling and Pitch Deck Elements by Ms. Krati Jain
Ms. Krati Jain briefed about the importance of pitch, types of pitches, elements to be included in the deck along with the important pointers. Further adding to that,she also made "what kind of pitch deck should be presented to which person"clear.
SESSION 4 - Building an Intellectual Property and Why Startups Fail? By Mr. Jitendra Rajaram
Mr. Jitendra took a session over the above-mentioned topic where he exaggerated on the reasons behind the failure of 99% startups get registered every time. Mr. Jitendra also shared some of his past experiences about the same. He added the mistakes startups make in shareholding patterns, while registering the company, building teams and hiring people etc.
Activity- Developing a Sample Pitch Deck & Mock Pitching
The students were asked to present the ideas they have generated in the form of an elevator pitch. Few students who are already working on their ideas are also presented in front of the audience.

Date and Venue: 2023-03-17 - Kaliyasot Dam, Kolar road Post Box No.: 588, Post Office Ravishankar Nagar Bhopal - 462016


Key Speaker: 1. Mr. Ronald Fernandez- AIC-RNTU Foundation,
2. Mr. Ayush Dubey - Venture Catalyst,
3. Mr. Jitendra Rajaram- Corporate Trainer,
4. Ms. Krati Jain -AIC-RNTU Foundation,
5. Mr. Shubham Nema-AIC-RNTU Foundation.