3-DAY Kickstart Bootcamp-Discover Cohort 2023(DAY 3)

AIC-RNTU Foundation organized 3-Day Kickstart Bootcamp to inaugurate Discover Cohort 2023 for early stage startups. A total of 15 Startups from across India working in different sector like Healthtech, AI, Fashiontech, Mental health & Wellnes, Saas etc. participated in it. The Bootcamp consisted of multiple sessions from eminent speakers/Subject Matter Experts where startups participated with enthusiasm.
Day 3:
Day 3 of Bootcamp was more of knowledge corner and Deep insights of business. It started with a session on "Investment Through the Eye of an Investor" by Mr. Ayush Dubey and "OKR Setting" by Mr. Ratheesh Krishnan, experts in their fields.
Session 1:
Investment Through the Eye of an Investor Mr. Ayush started his session with some basic concepts of investment for participating early stage startups in the Cohort. Mr. Ayush initially covered following topics in his session- Stages and Sources of startup funding. He further threw light on what an investor looks while investing in some startup where he described-
1. Team
2. Business Model
3. POC
4. Monetization Model
5. Market Size
7. Exit Strategy
8. And Valuation
Mr. Ayush also explained Transaction Comparable method to find out the valuation of your company while sitting at home. He also showed some facts and data points on the basis of which startups should think of raising investment.
Session 2: OKR Setting
Mr. Ratheesh started his session with an activity "Set of Values" which he concluded with setting goals and objectives for your business. He further talked about processes and people. He said Proof that you've scaled process is profit, Proof behind scaling people is purpose. Mr. Ratheesh explained that process should be Repeatable, Profitable and Scalable and Metrix to measure process is- Measurable, Reportable and Reportable. He also described Pattern Creation and Utilization. He said "What you can't measure you won't manage, What you don't manage you can't give direction to and When there's no direction, there's no progress.

Date and Venue: 2023-05-01 - Katha Auditorium, AIC-RNTU Campus

Objectives in Brief: The event was 3 Day Physical Bootcamp comprised of multiple capacity-building sessions along with intensive networking opportunities for startups to build strategic alliances during the program.

Key Speaker: 1. Mr. Ronald Fernandez- AIC-RNTU Foundation,
2. Mr. Ayush Dubey - Venture Catalyst,
3. Mr. Ratheesh Krishnan, Head of Experiments & New Ventures at SPI Group,
Name of Convener(s): - Ms. Krati Jain, Asst. Manager, AIC- RNTU Foundation

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation