Workshop on "Building Robust Go To Market Strategy"

The session on "Building Go to market strategy" was taken by Mr. Arjun Panchal and was organized by AIC-RNTU Foundation for the participating startups of Discover Cohort 2023. The session started with understanding the real meaning of Go to market strategy, which Mr. Arjun explained in brief.Mr. Arjun described it as "if you've Target audience, value proposition, marketing plan, and sales plan, then you've your GTM strategy ready." He also said, "objective of GTM is to make sales."Next, Mr. Arjun talked about the parameters of GTM strategy:
● Target Audience
● Problem- Solution
● Competitor Analysis
● Positioning Messaging
● Channels
● KPIs.
He explained each parameter in detail and then shared some tools and resources like for websites, Filmora for creating and editing videos, Hootsuite and Mailchimp for social media content etc which can be used by startups to improve their GTM strategy. While concluding the session, he drew Bulls Eye Diagram and mentioned "The Bullseye Framework is a tool that allows you to hone in on the marketing channels that will yield success for your business in the long-term."

Date and Venue: 2023-06-17 - Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: To impart knowledge on improving Go to market strategies of one’s startup

Key Speaker: Mr. Arjun Panchal, Founder, Papazapata.

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation