Session on "Valuation & Deal Structuring"

The session on "Valuation & Deal Structuring" was taken by Mr. Vikrant Potnis and was norganized by AIC-RNTU Foundation for the participating startups of Discover Cohort 2023.The session started understanding of what Valuation means in brief. Mr. Vikrant described Valuation as 100% worth of a company. Next, Mr. Vikrant talked about various terminologies that one should keep in the head while going to an investor. He explained terms like Shareholding Pattern, SHA, Dilution, Share Price etc. Mr. Vikrant also walked everyone through multiple methods of finding valuation of one"company and then setting up a right deal for yourself. Concluding the session, Mr. Potnis also shared some tools and apps which startups can access to get information about deals happened in past of their competitor companies.

Date and Venue: 2023-08-14 - ,Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: To impart knowledge on Valuation, and Deal Structuring while raising investment

Key Speaker: Mr. Vikrant Potnis, Founder, Fundenable & Indian Academy of Venture Capital (IAVC)

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation