3D Printing Workshop

AIC-RNTU in association with Ansoz Creation Pvt. Ltd. Successfully concluded the 5 Days Hands-on workshop on 3D printing on 7th May 2021. 5 Days workshop elucidated the current status of the smart industry, application of 3D printing in various fields/sectors, types of Manufacturing, its corresponding pros and cons, and its role in industry revolution 4.0. 3D Printing software, its tools, and the process of design step by step were taught in the last two days of the workshop with the steps to operate the 3Dprinter to print the design prepared. The workshop was attended by a batch of 25 students and participants received the 3D model of the design prepared by them.

Date and Venue:2021-05-03 - Zoom

Key Speaker: Trainer - Mr. Ashutosh Rai, Founder Ansoz Creation Pvt. Ltd

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU in association with Ansoz Creation Pvt. Ltd