Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (Paramedical RNTU

To instill the sense of entrepreneurship amongst the students Paramedical of our parent institute RNTU; AIC-RNTU foundation organized an Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp at AIC-RNTU to elucidate on entrepreneurship, startup culture, ecosystem, and programs & offerings of AIC-RNTU.AIC-RNTU encouraged students to come up with ideas to be a significant part in support of entrepreneurship whilst extending our support to all the budding student preneurs Session .

Date and Venue:2022-05-05 - Aicrntu bhopal

Key Speaker: Ms. Krati Jain - Asst. Manager- AIC-RNTU Mr. Shubham Nema - Incubation Officer - AIC-RNTU