Training on Detailed Project Report

The sessions were focused on how to prepare a Detailed Project Report when you build a startup. The structure of the sessions was such that the students got a brief outlook on how to prepare the Project cycle including Strategies, Decision making, Problem analysis and Object hierarchy for their current/future startup plans. The session gave the students an idea of major tools for project identification along with STEEP Analysis, GAP Analysis, Cause and Effect analysis and SWOC. The students got a chance to understand how to prepare a project framework from the initial stage, how to do resource mapping, manage resources, and risk management. Some team activities were also organized in the session that included Project Planning and Preparing DPR.

Date and Venue:2022-06-15 - AIC-RNTU BHOPAL

Objectives in Brief: To Train the students on how to prepare Detail project report and make them aware about entrepreneur.

Key Speaker: Dr. Manisha Pandey.