3 Day Kickstart Bootcamp- Discover Cohort 2022(Day-1)

3 Day Kickstart Bootcamp consisted of multiple sessions from Eminent speakers/ Subject Matter Experts where startups participated with enthusiasm.
Session 1- Orientation Session Speaker of the session- Mr. Ronald Fernandez, CEO, AIC-RNTU Foundation The first day of kickstart Bootcamp started with a brief introduction of AIC-RNTU, the facilities, services that we offer, programs that we organize and various trainings and events. Mr. Ronald also discussed about the sessions that AIC-RNTU will organize under Discover Cohort 2022.
Session 2- Opportunities for startups Speaker of the session- AIM Team AIC- RNTU invited Mr. Manglesh Yadav, Program Director, NITI Aayog to interact with startups and give a glance about various opportunities available for startups by AIM, NITI Aayog. This session then concluded with Alumni Note from Discover Cohort 2020 by Mr. Vinaya Sathyanarayana, Founder, Kutumba.One. After that, Participants represented their startups by giving a 1 minute elevator pitch and signed an MOU with AIC-RNTU.

Date and Venue:2022-08-20 - AIC-RNTU BHOPAL

Objectives in Brief: The event was 3 Day Physical Bootcamp comprises of multiple capacity- building sessions along with intensive networking opportunities for startups to build strategic alliances during the program.

Key Speaker: Mr. Ronald Fernandez, CEO, AIC-RNTU Foundation, Mr. Manglesh Yadav AIM TeamProgram Director, Mr. Nemesh Singh, Founder and CEO, Appointy.

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation