Training Session on "Digital Marketing Strategies"

The two-day Workshop was held on the topic of 'Marketing Strategies' as part of Discover Cohort- 2022. There were two sessions conducted first on Building up Marketing Strategies and second on Building Digital Marketing Strategy. and second on Building Digital Marketing Strategy.
DAY 2 UPDATE: Second session was taken by Mr. Mayank Batra, Founder of Get Digital with Mayank, on 15th Oct 2022. Mr. Mayank explained the Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing. Mr. Mayank also shared some tricks and hacks which startups can use to make their digital presence even better. He also talked about Personal Branding, Digital Marketing using various tools and software's. he further gave some suggestions to the startups about their digital marketing strategies that they are already following.

Date and Venue: 2022-10-15 - Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: "Digital presence of the Founders are as important as the presence of their Startups"

Key Speaker: Mr. Mayank Batra,Founder of Get Digital With Mayank.

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation