Go to Market Strategy

The mentoring session was held over the topic "Go to Market Strategy" in 7 th week of Discover Cohort- 2022.
The session started with mind map of session by Mr. Arjun. Mr. Gautham then started the session by discussing over knowing your target audience in which he explained the points a founder should keep in mind while categorizing their target audience. Then, he came to the next major topic of the session in which he said a founder must focus on Problem that they are solving, is that nice to have or need to have, features i.e. solution that they are serving and benefits of their solution. As "customer buys benefits, not solution." Then, Mr. Arjun covered the third topic "Competitor's Analysis" where he explained two main ways to do competitor's analysis- Classic and Perpetual map. Mr. Arjun also threw some light on Positioning of venture while going to the market, where he made us understood terms of positioning, way of delivering your message to your customers, channels to follow to get the leads, inbound and outbound marketing. Next, Mr. Arjun spoke over strategies to follow while pitch your product to market. The topic covered Funnel, Flywheel, Types of funnels, Models of sales, Parameters of these models. The session was concluded with KPIs of measuring your progress. And at the end Mr. Arjun suggested some traction channels and software tools that startups should use to simplify tasks while making go to market strategy and doing analysis.

Date and Venue: 2022-11-18 - Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: The objective of this session is to give clarity about Go to market strategy to our incubated startups in Discover Cohort 2022.

Key Speaker: Mr. Arjun Panchal, Founder- PapaZapata, Startup Mentors

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation