"Business Model Convas EO-GSEA 2022"

"Business Model Canvas is a dynamic document and needs to be updated from time" to time AIC-RNTU Foundation Successfully conducted the 2nd Mentoring Session of EO GSEA 2022-23 Bhopal Chapter on Business Model Canvas by Prof. Ismail Akbani - Charkha Project & Heartizzan Ciel. The session started with quick 30-second interaction between 7 startups and Prof Akbani. He got to know about startups and the product/service they are offering in the market. He walked everyone through the mind-map explained the map to startup where he begins by classifying business in exchange followed by value which is further divided into 'Create, Deliver, Capture' these three categories had further subdivision which was individually explained by him. He gave the startup some useful and impactful tips like the value of product/service change from person to person thus focusing on customer not in value.

Date and Venue: 2022-12-16 - Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: The trainning session was organized by AIC-RNTU Foundation in Colabration with EO-GSEA-2022 With EO UNDER EO-GSEA-2022. The Session was taken by Prof. Ismail Akbani on\"Business Model Convas where he explained the plan for Sucsessful operations,revenue of a business to student entrepreneurs.

Key Speaker: Prof. Ismail Akbani - Charkha Project & Heartizzan Ciel.

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU