3-DAY Kickstart Bootcamp- Discover Cohort 2023(DAY 1)

AIC-RNTU Foundation organized 3-Day Kickstart Bootcamp to inaugurate Discover Cohort 2023 for early stage startups. A total of 15 Startups from across India working in different sector like Healthtech, AI, Fashiontech, Mental health & Wellness, Saas etc. participated in it. The Bootcamp consisted of multiple sessions from eminent speakers/ Subject Matter Experts where startups participated with enthusiasm.
Day 1-
First day of bootcamp started with the session "Know Your Customer by Mr. Nemesh Singh" where he talked about his journey as an entrepreneur, How to identify your customer and their mindset. Then, The session followed by "orientation session by Mr. Ronald Fernandez" where he showcased all the services and facilities provided by AIC-RNTU Foundation to the participants and made them go through the flow of the whole 13-week incubation and capacity building Discover Cohort 2023. Next, Ms. Nikita Vaswani took session over "Team Building". She, in the session explained Building Team & Culture, Culture Fitment Fit and How to hire your first employee.
Session 1:
Know Your Customer (Customer Segmentation) Speaker of the Session: Mr. Nemesh Singh, Founder & CEO, Appointy IT Private Limited Mr. Nemesh Singh started the session with his journey as an entrepreneur and then took it to finding his first customer. Mr. Nemesh in his session explained the initial steps of Customer segmentation. He spoke about understanding customer's mindset, ICP (Ideal customer Profile) and much more. He said "As an entrepreneur, you must have the clarity about problem you're going to solve".
Session 2:
Orientation Session- About AIC-RNTU, AISECT Group & Discover Cohort 2023 Speaker of the Session: Mr. Ronald Fernandez, CEO, AIC-RNTU Foundation Mr. Ronald started his presentation with AIC-RNTU's impact as an incubator, the services and facilities they are providing to the stakeholders. He also took participants through the investment and mentoring support they're providing. Next, he made everyone understood of the program flow of the upcoming 13 weeks. Adding to that, Mr. Ronald showed the presence of AISECT Group across India and synergies that startups could explore with AISECT. Heading to the signing ceremony, All startups gave 2 minutes introduction about their startup and then signed Incubation Agreement with AIC-RNTU Foundation. Speaker 3: Team Building Speaker of the Session: Ms. Nikita Vaswani, Employer Branding Specialist, Ather Energy Ms. Nikita Vaswani included following topics in her session:
1. Building team & Culture
2. When to do your first hiring?
3. What makes startup a rocketship?
She also stated; People mistake by hiring first and then building product than building product first and then hire.

Date and Venue: 2023-04-29 - Katha Auditorium, AIC-RNTU Campus

Objectives in Brief: The event was 3 Day Physical Bootcamp comprises of multiple capacity- building sessions along with intensive networking opportunities for startups to build strategic alliances during the program.

Key Speaker: Mr. Nemesh Singh, Founder & CEO, Appointy IT Private Limited
Mr. Ronald Fernandez, CEO, AIC-RNTU Foundation
Ms. Nikita Vaswani, Employer Branding Specialist, Ather Energy
Name of Convener(s): - Ms. Krati Jain, Asst. Manager, AIC- RNTU Foundation

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation