Workshop on "Building Robust Marketing Strategies"

The 2-Day Workshop on "Building Robust Marketing Strategies" was taken by Ms. Mili Kataria was organized by AIC-RNTU Foundation for the participating startups of Discover Cohort 2023.
Day 1-
The session started with explaining the market definition of marketing. Then Ms. Mili covered followed topics: Customer Persona Customer Journey Mapping And Marketing Channels Ms. Mili explained all the above topics in broad. While explaining marketing, she said "It is he process of bringing the customer to consider your product/service for purchase or use She also said Marketing is basically bringing horse to water".Next, she divided Customer Persona into three archetypes- The User, The Influencer and The Decision Maker.Adding to that, she made us go through the steps of a customer journey. She also included Marketing channels like Tradition,Social Media Marketing, ASO Marketing etc in the next part of session.She also said, "When you're at 0-2 stage of your company, you can outsource a marketing agency, But after completing that stage, when you're ready to scale it, you'll have to dedicate some internal team to handle marketing domain for your startup." On concluding day 1, Ms. Mili shared formats of Customer Persona and Customer Journey Map for startups and asked them to fill it accordingly.
Day 2-:
Day 2 of the workshop was dedicated mostly to Q& A from startups and the exercises given by Ms. Mili on the other day to startups. Discover Cohort 2023 participating startups shared their Customer Personas and Customer Journey Map that they prepared according to the format shared by Ms. Mili and received feedback and suggestions over the same. The objective was to understand the Process and thinking of the Founders behind their strategies and help them bring it in a flow for better outcomes.

Date and Venue: 2023-06-02 - Zoom Meeting

Objectives in Brief: To impart knowledge on improving marketing strategies of one’s startup

Key Speaker: Ms. Mili Kataria, Founder, Pandora’s Box

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation