Startup 20X Bhopal Sabha

AIC- RNTU Foundation in collaboration with MP Startup Center organized Startup 20X Bhopal Sabha. They invited all Prominent stakeholders of the ecosystem: Startups, Incubators, Government officials, academicians, Investors, ecosystem enablers to provide their valuable feedback on new StartUp20 Policy. The event started with a presentation by Ms. Abha Rishi, Head, MP Startup Center where she made everyone go through the draft of new Startup20 policy for G20 nation's startups and stakeholder's.
Ms. Abha also described the two major objective of drafting new Startup Policy:

1. Harmonize global ecosystem.
2. Independent national ecosystem growth.
Then, The participants were divided into multiple groups, fostering meaningful conversations and collaboration. The event provided an excellent platform to connect, exchange ideas, and collectively contribute toward the growth of the startup ecosystem. The discussions centered around potential suggestion's to improvise the policy that can further support and empower startups. The event showcased the commitment and enthusiasm of all participants, emphasizing the incredible potential of Indian startups.

Date and Venue: 2023-06-09 - MP Startup Center, Bhopal

Objectives in Brief: To provide an open discussion forum to discuss suggestions on drafting Startup 20 Policy Communique

Key Speaker: Ms. Abha Rishi, Head, MP Startup Center

Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation