Session on "Termsheet & SHA"

The session on "Termsheet & SHA" was taken by Mr. Vikrant Potnis and was organized by AIC-RNTU Foundation for the participating startups of Discover Cohort 2023.The session started understanding the Termsheet & SHA in brief. Mr. Vikrant described termsheet as letter of intent from investors end when you're raising funds. Mr. Vikrant then talked about the major things you should keep in your head when you're looking forward to raise funds i.e.
1. Is your business fundeable?
2. Process of fundraising
3. Investor connects
Next, Mr. Vikrant explained the important clauses of termsheet which you should put a keen eye on while signing it with any investor:

  • Use of funds
  • Exit process
  • Drag along right
  • Reserved matter
  • Founder's lock in
  • Exclusitivity
  • Right of first refusal (ROFR)
  • He also imparted knowledge about various kind of negotiation techniques while signing termsheet with an investor. Mr. Potnis said "Fundraising is not spray and play approach"; you as a founder need to prepare yourself and your startup before thinking of raising funds. Concluding the session, Mr. Potnis told startups about the platform "Fundenable" which startups can access to understand various aspects of fundraising.

    Date and Venue:2023-08-12 - ,Zoom Meeting

    Objectives in Brief: To impart knowledge on Tremsheet & SHA and its clauses

    Key Speaker: Mr. Vikrant Potnis, Founder, Fundenable & Indian Academy of Venture Capital (IAVC)

    Organizers/Co-Organizers: AIC-RNTU Foundation