Funded Startups

Funded Startups By AIC-RNTU


"Medyseva is a healthcare startup focusing on Telemedicine in Rural India".


AMN Tech and Networking LLP (CancerX):

"CanceRx is working on Clinical Grade Decision Support System for Oncology".

       Alemeno Pvt. Ltd.

"Alemeno is working on Mealtime Gamification to instil lifelong healthy eating habits" .

Parmanoo Data Labs Pvt. Ltd.

"Parmanoo is Providing Data for Mobility Planning in India" .

Saarka Tech (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.        

"Software tool to create and run automation tests for software products" .


Sri Vijayadasaru Software Private Limited (Kutumba):

    "Kutumba is Aggregating and Centralizing      important Financial-life information".            

        InGnious AI      

"inGnious AI is a startup working in the field of virtual try on for apparels. We are building our B2B solution that can create 3D apparels in a matter of seconds and render those 3D apparels on hyper-realistic customizable avatar of users.".

Mindful Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd      

"SKIM is on a mission to revolutionise education with SKIM and make it a household name, not only in India but across the world. "

Timeless Apparels Pvt. Ltd

"A slow fashion e-commerce platform dedicated to helping the growing thrift community in India by allowing them to buy and sell preloved items with secure shipping and payment systems. ".

     LYFD Services      

"FYDO is an A-Z hunting hub of all the upcoming offers, deals, discounts. or sales coming in your area,One place for all the data on a single screen with just a single click."

Foodistaan Technology LLP

"Foodistaan is bringing together many small restraurants, street food, vendors and tiffin services to create one big family. "


"Gadirepair provides a dedicated car service assistance along with 24/7 road side help. Leave your car worries on us & relax."


"RTIwala is a citizen-centric Legaltech startup based at Seoni Malwa (India). As per our tagline, we’re empowering the masses through sensible content & affordable results-driven legal solutions."

  Kaulini Industries Pvt Ltd       

"We developed India's first Hemp Fabric for innerwear. It took us a couple of hits & misses and a lot of sweat & effort. Hemp is the most Eco-Friendly crop.."

  FemiSafe India Pvt.Ltd     

" menstruation and feminine hygiene."


"Wrixte works on artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enable organizations of all size to address the Cyber Security challenges and manage the digital revolution and cloud computing."

Meanders India Biz Pvt. Ltd. (Wanderlooms)

" wanderlooms is an adventure touring company based out of Central India. We have a penchant to Ride and Explore hence decided to offer Camping sites, motorcycle rides and road trip through picturesque locations with a focus on our very own state Madhya Pradesh."

Funded Startups By other Sources


"Holo Shiksha is the edtech arm of Holo Abdul Inventions, a multi-award winning futuristic technology venture with a vision to revolutionize the technology interaction experience with our world's most futuristic & patent-protected."

        Genflow ai      

"Genflow AI aim to put step forward in helping dairy sector flourish with the modern technology where company provide one stop solution for all veteniery needs to the dairy farmers and veterinarians in cattle health monetary through tele-medicine service."

ATBC Technologies Pvt Ltd(FlipTalk)      

"FlipTalk brings to you all an amazing opportunity to have fruitful discussions with people. A safe and secure space for you all to talk and flip voices on plethora of topics."

     Volar Alta Pvt. Ltd      

"Volar Alta is One-stop shop for drone-based Inspection & Logistics."

     LYFD Services      

"FYDO is an A-Z hunting hub of all the upcoming offers, deals, discounts. or sales coming in your area,One place for all the data on a single screen with just a single click."

Chenavision Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.(PodPitara)    

"On-demand Radio Service is an efficient mode of communication and connection. You can break the news, make announcements and share information with the employees, students, or fellow members."